Tooth & Talon in Publishers Weekly September 28, 2015 issue

On September 2, 2015 I joined, they are the indie author promotional arm of Publishers Weekly. They allow indie authors to create a profile page and list all of their books. I have Tooth & Talon listed and have gotten some referral traffic, nothing to be dancing in the streets over, but any (well most) referral traffic is good.

Tooth & Talon Publishers Weekly listingJust to back up a bit, on August 3, 2015, I purchased a Ingram Annotation Ad for $60. This was through IngramSpark. They told me that my book would be listed in Publishers Weekly in December. I received my digital copy of Publishers Weekly on September 26, 2015 and found my book listed on page 56. I’m not sure if this is the annotation ad that I purchased, or if they will be running something in December. Anyway, I’m excited to have something out sooner than later. We’re losing daylight as some like to say.

As grateful as I am to see my book listed in Publishers Weekly, this publication is primarily for libraries and bookstores. That said, I’m a little skeptical about how much this might improve my sales. I guess time will tell.

I am trying to document and measure all of my advertising and marketing efforts so that somewhere down the line I can assess which services and companies will provide the most impact when I publish my next book. Annotation Ad#IngramSpark#Publishers Weekly#self-publishing

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