Out of the Publishing Gate

I was so pleased to finally get my short story collection (Tooth & Talon) published, albeit self-published. During my deliberation on whether to self-publish or go the traditional route, I read James Scott Bell’s Self-Publishing Attack! The 5 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws for Creating Steady Income Publishing Your Own BooksI liked the idea of creating my own small publishing company (2nd Sight Press), so I registered my LLC and started going about learning the business and legal aspects of things.

With the legal business side of things in place, I knew that I needed to get a website up and running. But what to put on it? I hadn’t yet published anything. With that in mind I sat on things and just focused on my writing. After my book was finished and I was going over the final edits, I was also researching various printers and distributors, and ended up going with IngramSpark. Since I published my book with them on July 20, 2015, I’ve had almost two months to formulate some thoughts on their service. I’ll write a review of IngramSpark in another post. I will also write a review on Bowker as well, since I purchased my ISBNs from them.

I am currently in the marketing phase and will share some thoughts on various things I’ve tried and what level of impact they had on my sales.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please post any questions or comments if you like.

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